Here are some sites and resources that I love or have found useful.

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland have been amazing in their tireless support of the diary and thanks to their kindness in awarding me an ACES grant, have allowed me the freedom to develop the diary to do things like this website!

I am lucky to be currently working with Dr Oonagh Murphy. She is an amazing woman, working with arts organisations to help with digital strategy and audience development. Exciting times ahead for Norn Iron Girl and I’m delighted to have Oonagh’s help (for one thing, she helped me make this gorgeous website).

My teenage bible, Smash Hits, lovingly scanned and collated by Brian McCloskey – a fellow Norn Iron kid (must be something in the water). This is compulsory reading (you can’t say that – Ed).

Like Punk Never Happened

The wonderful and talented Stevie Scullion, aka Malojian who has supported the diary from almost the start and has been an inspiration. Have a listen – he’s class!

There are lots of diaries on Twitter and it’s a great format but this one – an RUC man’s diary – is amazing and runs concurrent to mine thereby adding a new dimension to human voices of the Troubles.




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